About Us


System Components, Inc. features a select range of standard and custom designed superior quality couplings that provide significant competitive advantages in power transmission applications.

Since 1967, we have manufactured superior quality gear couplings utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and a highly skilled workforce. We offer our customers years of engineering experience in technical and design assistance, quotations, and field support. We serve many long time customers through our ability to custom-modify standard products or custom-engineer a special product to meet specific application requirements. System Components, Inc. believes in partnering with its customers.

In addition, the couplings we manufacture are superior to the competition because they feature:

  • Standard higher quality steel for increased strength, durability and service life.
  • Higher grade bolts (grade 8 vs. grade 5).
  • Tighter critical and dimensional standards.




2016 End of Year Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

What We Asked:
On a scale of 1 - 5; where 1 signifies 'Poor' and 5 signifies 'Excellent', how would you rate the following?

1. Our response to your product inquiries
2. Our response to your engineering questions
3. Our response to any product quality issue
4. The overall quality of our products
5. Meeting your delivery expectations
6. The overall performance of our organization
7a. Have you been contacted in the last 12 months by one of our company representatives? 
7b. If so, were you satisfied with the level of knowledge and helpfulness?

How Our Customers Rated Us:
2. 4.52
3. 4.57
4. 4.72
5. 4.64
6. 4.64
7a. 60% Yes
7b. 60% Yes

Additional Comments:

--"Had a customer using Falk and their delivery time and tolerances kept messing up. Since we switched them to SCI, have had no issues."

--"Quality is important and we are always happy with ours!"

--"Great, Friendly, Knowledgeable company"

--"Exceptional quality standards"

--"Excellent company to work with; dependable partner"

--"High quality machine work"

--"Would definitely recommend the use of your products. You guys are awesome. Not a single complaint from me"

--"Superior Value, Delivery, Customer Service and Quality"

--"You are easy to do business with, you have first-class service and quality and you get the job done without a lot of unnecessary discussion."

--"These ratings may seem overly-inflated, but they are a true reflection of how we view System Components. You are a top-tier vendor."  *Rated us 5 on all areas*


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