High Performance Coupling Products

System Components, Inc. is a well-known supplier of high-quality gear couplings for non-automotive industrial power transmission applications. In 1967 our roots were planted in South Haven, Michigan, and we still do 100% of manufacturing operations there. We are also partnered with distributors nationwide for the convenience of our customers. High-performance gear couplings supplied from System Components, Inc. accommodate for angular and axial offsets, with a long service life and minimal maintenance required.

Some of the gear coupling product types available through System Components include: Flange, Continuous Sleeve, Elastomeric, Disc, and Rubber Industrial. There are also several specialty types and accessories offered, including: Heavy Duty, High Misalignment, Couplings bored for Taper-Lock® Bushings, Brakewheel, Vertical Mount, Spacer, Floating Shaft, Limited End Float, Wedgegard™ shear pin, and more... System Components also offers parts made from a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, etc.

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