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General Contract Machining

System Components, Inc. is well known throughout the industry for bringing you quality and competitively priced couplings, and we also offer you an entire division dedicated to custom machining! We skillfully machine gray iron, aluminum, low to medium carbon and alloy steels, ductile iron, and many other materials. Our full-service capabilities and equipment bring a new level of precision to job shop machining as well as production CNC machining. System Components is the only name to know for high-quality precision machining and value-added service.

New ideas take shape with precision CNC machining at System Components, Inc. From prototype engineering, ultra-precision machining, CMM verification, and special packaging, our complete service makes us the best source for quality contract machining.


We proudly use ISO 9001 as a standard and make quality inspection an integral part of the production process.  Dedication to production quality is made evident by our inspection and measurement equipment. Attention to detail in our work- from planning and administering the job to machining and finishing accuracy- shows our commitment to customer satisfaction by achieving and exceeding expectations. When you trust System Components with your machining jobs, you can expect on-time delivery of your accurately machined parts.



Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM)

The most versatile tool in our arsenal of custom machining capabilities is Wire EDM. The Wire EDM process is incredibly precise and offers endless possibilities. 

Wire EDM, or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, is a method of cutting material with a thin wire electrode. During the process, the wire and the workpiece never make direct contact. The wire is electrically charged and actually melts the material away resulting in a finished product with no burrs or distortion. The wire travels on a pre-programmed path, making complex shapes and accurate tolerances a breeze! This machine is so precise it can cut a square into the top of a piece and gradually taper to a circle at the bottom.



  • Maximum allowable dimensions 46” x 45” x 23”
  • Maximum weight 11,000 LBS
  • While the Wire EDM is not a high-volume production machine, it is perfect for smaller runs of 1 to 24 pieces
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