Powertork® Continuous Sleeve Gear Couplings

System Components, Inc. manufactures Powertork® continuous sleeve gear couplings for various applications. POWERTORK® Series S Continuous Sleeve type gear couplings are a lightweight and smaller diameter gear coupling option. This coupling consists of a one piece splined sleeve and two hubs with triple-crowned gear teeth. System Components maintains Full Flex and Flex Rigid stock available in sizes 6S through 45S accommodating bore sizes up to 5-3/4”. Sizes larger than 45S are available upon request, along with several special designs, including but not limited to Mill Motor, Cutout, and Floating Shaft.


  • Manufactured from higher-quality steel
  • Facilitated by two lubrication pipe plugs 180° apart in the sleeve
  • Manufactured to tighter critical and dimensional standards
  • Manufactured from forgings for increased strength, durability and longer life


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