Superior Power Transmission Coupling Products

System Components, Inc. is a well-known supplier of high-quality gear couplings for non-automotive industrial power transmission applications.  Since 1967, our team has served world class customers, meeting their rigorous quality and delivery needs.   We partner with distributors nationwide for the convenience of our customers.  High-performing gear couplings supplied by System Components, Inc. accommodate for angular and axial offsets, with a long service life and minimal maintenance.


Coupling product types available through System Components include: Flange, Continuous Sleeve, Elastomeric, Disc, and Rubber Industrial. Specialty types and accessories offered include: Heavy Duty, High Misalignment, Couplings bored for Taper-Lock® Bushings, Brakewheel, Vertical Mount, Spacer, Floating Shaft, Limited End Float, Wedgegard™ shear pin, and more... System Components offers couplings made from a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, etc.

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